Bittos Bullion

Project Description

Bittos Bullion is Rajasthan based jewelry Showroom with lots of Gold and Silver Items. All this items are manufactured with purity and honesty. Bittos bullion have all kinds of ornaments and jewelry for rajasthani woman and Indian woman.

Showroom consists of all kinds of jewelry i.e. rich people jewelry, middle class family jewelry and lower class family jewelry with purity and surety. Company have wide range of bindi, borla, tikka, tdda, piaplpatra and rakhdi for On the head, Karanphool, phooljhumka in the ears, Kanthsari, Hansali, Mandali, Jalro and Halro in the neck, Vinta, Churi, Norri, Kangan, Bajuband and Kada in the hand, Kandore, on the waist, Gorpholri, Pajab, Langar, Thanka, Hatpuri Ponchi, Anwla, Makya, Lacharu and HirIoumari on the legs.

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